What are your life goals? Principle #1: Growth

Do you know anyone that can pause time, review progress of their life before each and every decision, and adjust their life perfectly to fulfill the goals they set and accomplish them? .. OK, can I have their contact info because I’m hitting them up tonight!! Real talk though, that would be quite the superpower. Sometimes we feel as though we live like the rain... getting dropped to earth, lifted and moved wherever the atmosphere takes us – moving to and fro from one day to the next. I personally use to always find myself living like this. 

I realized that I was only able to feel fulfilled when I kept life simple, yet oriented in a direction. The pillars I live by now are these three principles: Growth, Experience, and Contribution. You can find your own principle to help guide you in life - what’s right for you can be completely different! If your interested however, I’ll explain mine a little further. 

Growth can be defined by living a life with the hope to learn as though you would live forever, and seeing every day as a new opportunity to gain some new skills and knowledge. Some strategies I use to grow are:

1. To listen to others more than I talk and ask questions to genuinely learn the answers. 

2. To read books that are of my interest but a little outside of my realm of knowledge to stay connected but expand my mind, too.

3. To write down life lessons, economic strategies, terminology, or even just items that I want to learn more about for the future so my lessons come to physical form. 

I want to ask you now. How would you feel if you looked at everything in your life as a learning opportunity or a chance to become a smarter and stronger, more unstoppable you? What skills would you practice? What books would you have on your bed side table? Life can be beautiful when we realize there is a wealth of understanding at our fingertips the more we pursue it, do you agree?